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Low and behold I found them.

I love bears and was given one of many by my husband along time ago a Bunny which was blue and is now called Blue Bunny (I couldn't think of a better name).  He is well travelled everywhere we went, he came along and as I got more bears he became the keeper of them all, with over 60 they are now in packing boxes as there is no space in our apartment.

Since then more have arrived two 'Boofle' bears several 'Me to You' bears, Chip n Dale and a pure white dog called 'Snowy'...

The others take him out on adventures and get into mischief.  The other night whilst watching the TV they saw 'Tucker' from the AA advert and they all looked at me with that look and later found a note can we have 'Tucker' we need him...

On our very first trip to Florida we visited Downtown Disney and went into the Disney store, well I walked into heaven (for me) and there were bears from small to large from floor to ceiling it was amazing, I felt like a child and wanted them all.  They really do know how to sell, I want to take my grandchildren there, just to see their faces.



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