The Eurostar

The Eurostar

Christmas in Brussels

A week before we were due to travel on Eurostar to Brussels there is an announcement - Rail strike, just what I needed to hear.   I grab my laptop booked the nearest hotel to Waterloo, booked problem solved.

The taxi arrives and off we go, we arrive in London with plenty of time to look around.  Drop our bags at the hotel and head into London, after all, it's Christmas and we get a chance to see the lights

 We stop for lunch and a look around where we end in Tiffany's it was packed and had to wait in line.

The assistant asked my name and clicked away on her iPad, she looked at me and said I love the hat and I'll look for that...a guy standing next to me said "you will cook in that" I turned to him and laughed "didn't tell her I was keeping it on" and we laughed.  

It was a long wait and hot, but worth it in the end, my husband had seen a ring that he wanted to get me and luckily I liked it, so very happy me and happy husband... Then I get my photo taken in front of the Tiffany Robot (see below)

Back to the hotel and change and go for dinner and an early night.


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